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My name is Michéle P. Owens and I am a Visual Artist. My studio is based in Olympia Fields, IL (Chicago born and raised--South Side). I love to create in various mediums. Most recently I have been painting with acrylics. I love to create! To start with something so vague and distorted and then to end up with something that explains the vagueness or distortion is more than intriguing to me (more about me and my art later). I started this Blog as an extension of my website (www.michelepowens.com). It serves many purposes: a means of 'exhaling' while I work--to release the crowded thoughts that might interfere with the process of creating art; and as an online avenue for creative and expressive writing.
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Art Plans for 2008

I am not much into new year resolutions, but I do find value in having a good plan. During this time people traditionally think about losing weight, building or ending relationships and various career changes. These thoughts are also in my mind, but I make no promises in this regard. Still, this is the first time in a long time that I entered the new year with thoughts of planning for my art for the year. Nevertheless, the question arose in a certain art group regarding plans for art in the coming year. Part of my reply is as follows and is in no particular order (altered slightly):

1. Paint & draw like crazy (the sketches in my sketchbook out number my finished paintings of those ideas, and I have not completed a full drawing since 2006)
2. Get rid of my 'small' canvasses (I prefer to work large so I think it time to be truer to my creative desires. Working smaller is sometimes hard on my eyes.
3. Complete at least one sculpture series (it has been hard to work life-sized with the space we have, but I am moving to a bigger studio/room in the house--still rearranging and planning on a new table saw and casting supplies)
4. Complete a self-portrait (I haven't done one in almost 20 years)
5. Get my work shown in an exhibit or two
6. Publish more art videos (I have enjoyed the technology process of putting together speed paintings of my work, which I then upload to YouTube under the user name Art4SakeOfArt). I would also love to produce a safety art video for my class, but that may be a goal for next year.
7. Add a painting or drawing to each main room of my home (after more than 7 years in this house and still no art on the walls--I purpose not to hang the art of others in main areas of my home, but I have been considering a room of influence where I would hang the art of my inspiration...we shall see).

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