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My name is Michéle P. Owens and I am a Visual Artist. My studio is based in Olympia Fields, IL (Chicago born and raised--South Side). I love to create in various mediums. Most recently I have been painting with acrylics. I love to create! To start with something so vague and distorted and then to end up with something that explains the vagueness or distortion is more than intriguing to me (more about me and my art later). I started this Blog as an extension of my website (www.michelepowens.com). It serves many purposes: a means of 'exhaling' while I work--to release the crowded thoughts that might interfere with the process of creating art; and as an online avenue for creative and expressive writing.
Let's see what will come from this..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thoughts on painting

Most of my paintings are abstract. I like to focus on scenes from life, everyday objects, animals, and natural elements. I can be just about anywhere and begin to see the basic geometric form of the things around me. Details in scenes, environments, people, animals and things begin to fade away to leave basic outlines, shapes and forms for my understanding. Perhaps this way of looking at things is promoted by the loss of some of my eye sight from complications with macular degeneration (early 2004), or perhaps it is an internal method of ignoring the chaos of life for the sake of simplicity. Still, I have found a certain amount of complexity in every element of life. Moreover, I have found myself drawn to certain tones and the expression of texture, contrast, patterns, movement, and color. My palette has so far been consistent, but then again you use what you have.

This is an image from my studio. It was taken with a cell phone so it's not so clear.
Silver Streak - on the easel, Fluid - bottom easel,
Fabric Roses I & II - on the right, & Abstract Animal I & IIII - far left

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