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My name is Michéle P. Owens and I am a Visual Artist. My studio is based in Olympia Fields, IL (Chicago born and raised--South Side). I love to create in various mediums. Most recently I have been painting with acrylics. I love to create! To start with something so vague and distorted and then to end up with something that explains the vagueness or distortion is more than intriguing to me (more about me and my art later). I started this Blog as an extension of my website (www.michelepowens.com). It serves many purposes: a means of 'exhaling' while I work--to release the crowded thoughts that might interfere with the process of creating art; and as an online avenue for creative and expressive writing.
Let's see what will come from this..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Benches on The Avenue 2009

May 16 - October 1: Benches on the Avenue - Along Oak Park Avenue
My bench is on the corner of 173rd and Oak Park Avenue (in front of the train station).

"View the beautifully, hand-crafted benches with original artwork from community artists depicting the theme "Classic TV.""

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Southtownstar Online Video Interview

No time to sit when working on Tinley bench
Published: 04:00 AM May 24,2009
Michelle P. Owens just loves power tools. So there was little hesitation when she was asked to create one of the 19 pieces for this year's Benches on the Avenue event in Tinley Park. Even her students at Nathan Hale Middle School offered ideas for her bench art.

Southtown Star Newspaper - Neighborhood Star - Sunday Final Edition
Grab Some Bench
May 17, 2009 & May 24, 2009

Tinley Junction
Takin’ a seat in TV Land
Benches return to Oak Park Avenue

by Jamie Lynn Ferguson (j.ferguson@22ndcenturymedia.com)
May 22, 2009

Artists taking a brush to the bench for the first time this year are Suzanne Bushno (Scooby Doo), Michele P. Owens (Classic Puppet Theater), Beau and Bladen Saunoris (Popeye), Matthew McCormick (Bozo), Easter Seals Therapeutic Autism School and Oaks Construction Services of Hazel Crest (Thomas the Train), and Andrew Welch

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